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Elaine is an upbeat and vibrant show bringing you the hottest topics of the day every weekday! It’s the perfect opportunity for you to take an hour of your day to stick on the kettle, relax and tune in with the girls for a laugh. And don’t worry we haven’t forgotten the boys! Each Friday [...]

Weekend AM

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Saturday AM is a light hearted, lively and fun 3 hour live broadcast every Saturday morning from 9am to 12pm. The show features a mix of lifestyle, human interest and celebrity features. Sunday AM is broadcast live from 9am-12pm and has a different look and feel to Saturday AM. Sunday AM will feature more news [...]

3e ident takeover

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In January 2017 TV3 launched its new-look three channel group strategy. 3e received a fresh brand identity. The entertainment channel was refined for 15-44s, while also be the exclusive home of Big Brother, Love Island and the after-show party programmes such as Britain's Got More Talent and Love Island After Sun, along with The Graham Norton [...]

Britain’s Got Talent will return to our screens in 2018

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Britain’s Got Talent will return to our screens April 2018 A significant show in Irish and British popular culture, Britain's Got Talent is the UK's biggest television talent competition, hot off the heels of the first ever Ireland’s Got Talent on TV3. There have been eleven winners of the series to date: Paul Potts, George [...]