Afternoons on 3

  • Afternoons on TV3

Take ownership of afternoons TV3, 3e and be3 and have your brand become synonymous with great daytime programming across TV3 Group schedule

Audience figures

  • This time slot delivered the following reach from Jan-Jun 2017:

1.3m against Hskprs, 405k against Hskprs w/k, 3.3m against

Individuals and 2.8m Adults 15+

  • The sponsorship stings delivered a +1 reach of 2.9m against Individuals with a FRQ 93.3, 2.4m against Adults 15+ with a FRQ of 103.9, 1.2m against Hskprs FRQ 129.6 and 358k against Hskprs w/k with a FRQ of 92.6

The Package
Broadcast Sponsorship

  • Drive mass awareness of your brands key messaging, by taking ownership of all day time programming from 12- 5pm for a 6 month period across TV3, 3e and be3
  • 10’’ Opening and Closing Stings
  • 5’’ Centre Break Stings

The Shows


  • Bondi Rescue S12
  • The Jeremy Kyle Show
  • Pointless S5
  • Tipping Point S4


  • Loose Women
  • Judge Judy
  • Lifestyle Programmes (Dress to Impress, Dinner Date, Goks Lunch Box, Peter Andre 60 Minute Makeover)
  • Dickinson’s Real Deal


  • Mr Bean
  • The Chase S12
  • Tipping Point S4
  • Judge Judy
  • Celebrity Home Secrets

Cross station promotion

  • Cross station promotion is a 30” VT delivering key messages from your brand
  • Cross station promotion will air 4 times a day per across tv3, be3 3e and TV3+1 for 7days
  • Across 7 days there will be a total of 112 airings of the 30” VT
  • Client to provide key messages/footage
  • Perceived prize value of €10,000 to be supplied

On Demand & Digital

  • 150,000 VOD impressions
  • 500,000 impressions on banners
  • 3 x social posts pushed out across our TV3 Facebook page for the duration of the sponsorship




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