Black Friday/Cyber Monday

As we inch closer and closer to our American friends celebrating Thanksgiving the anticipation about the Black Friday 2017 deals are higher than ever.

Black Friday 2016 saw more than €100 Billion in sales worldwide. Drive mass awareness to your Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers by associating your brand with a range of Black Friday/Cyber Monday content across TV3.


Black Friday 24th November

Ireland AM: Gadget Guys Segment

  • Our Gadget Guy, Colin Baker, will work with your brand to compile a list of products which is expected to come with huge discounts on the Black Friday sale.
  • During an in studio Ireland AM Segment Colin will talk through best buys for sheer value and point out any pre-Christmas bargains.
  • The segment will feature a number of brands from the one retailer.

Black Friday Guide

  • Reach the full TV3 Group schedule with our 30” Guide to Black Friday.
  • Our Commercial Production Unit will film in store with a Brand Ambassador or regular TV3 Contributor.
  • Four separate pieces of creative that will be rotated.
  • Giving a short bitesize insight into the best value on Black Friday.
  • Airing four times daily from Friday the 17th of November.

Black Friday Takeover

  • To drive mass awareness at launch, your brand will take ownership of targeted programming throughout:

Option 1 – Friday 24th November 2017.                  Option 2 – Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd November 2017.

  • You will receive 10” stings around the top and bottom of each available programme, as well 5” stings around each centre break.


Cyber Monday 27th November

Sunday Am: Gadget Guy Segment

  • During an in studio Sunday AM Segment the show will talk through their top tips to get the most bargains.
  • The segment will feature a number of brands from the one retailer.
  • Brand Ambassador required

Cyber Countdown

  • 10” “Cyber Monday” Countdown to hype the day the Saturday/ Sunday on Tv3, 3e and be3.
  • 10” “Cyber Monday” Countdown on the day counting down time left to sell.
  • 12 a day for 3days – Total 36 spots.



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