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Project Description

Xposé & Meagher’s Pharmacy Festive Beauty Banquet

Meagher’s Pharmacy wanted to boost their reputation and drive last minute Christmas sales in a saturated pharmacy market where Boots were seen as the gifting destination.  Beauty hampers and products were the main gifts on offer, and Xpose was identified as the ideal platform to work with, as it is the only daily fashion, beauty and showbiz show in Ireland. The purpose of the Xposé & Meagher’s Pharmacy “Festive Beauty Banquet” was to enhance the Meaghers Pharmacy brand to the Xposé audience and boast their large, high end product ranges that top influencers and professionals recommend. We did this by hosting a fabulous Festive Beauty Banquet where key social influencers and press were invited to the event to showcase the most popular Irish products that Meagher’s Pharmacy offered. Of course, being a TV show, a feature on the event was filmed and a major promotion ran within Xpose and across TV3 Group giving away stunning hampers filled with Irish beauty goodies as a gift for Christmas.  We also featured the event on Xpose.ie and across TV3’s social platforms. The banquet was held in the beautiful library room in The Dylan Hotel and was exquisitely decorated. The event oozed “premium” – exactly what Meagher’s Pharmacy wanted to achieve. The partnership with Xpose would ensure that social influencers and beauty journalists would attend the exclusive banquet, and by having those key people there, we knew that this would generate an enormous amount of earned media for both Meagher’s Pharmacy and Xpose . Across the entire night #XposeBB was trending on all social media platforms and was featured in numerous glossy magazines and online websites. Meaghers Pharmacy were delighted with the partnership and since the event, they have been involved in numerous media campaigns and social events as well as receiving many business requests from new suppliers.


Debbie O Donnell, Series Producer of Xposé and The Brand Partnerships Team met up with Meaghers Pharmacy MD, Oonagh O Hagan in November 2016. After our meeting we decided the best way to drive sales, but most importantly boost reputation was through a unique and aspirational event. They wanted an association with the Xposé brand that mirrored the quality of their service and enhanced their reputation ahead of other competitors. The pharmacy industry is incredibly competitive and is in some instances thought of only for over the counter and prescription medicines. However, Meagher’s Pharmacy is so much more than that, so positioning it as a premium beauty and gifting destination was essential.  We created a well thought out list of influential guests that would all complement each other but at the same time each one of them target a completely different audience and social media platform to ensure we would maximize the exposure from the event. Three of our Xposé presenters were also in attendance which gave an extra feeling that this was in fact something special. We created the name ‘Xposé & Meaghers Pharmacy Festive Beauty Banquet’ along with event planner and designer, Sharon Griffin. We designed personalized invitations and delivered them to each guest which started the social media coverage and embodied the premium brand feel from the start. In tandem, we worked on developing the Xpose and cross station promotions. We used imagery of products they provided and created a bespoke script that delivered their key messages that would air prior to the event and to push last minute Christmas gift sales and website traffic. We worked closely with Sharon Griffin to create a theme and venue like no other. We knew that social media was where the traction would be gained, so we aired a Facebook Live video on the night from the venue and had 7K video views in an hour, getting all of our viewers involved on the night. We hired a professional photographer and from there we got outstanding coverage giving the effect that this was such an exclusive event that people really felt they missed out, creating a new demand for Meagher’s Pharmacy.


Budget: We had a very limited budget to adhere to so it was challenging to include media costs, event decoration, invites, hotel room fee and three course meal fee, photographer and spot prizes. After a lot of back and forth we pulled everything off and more importantly, right on budget and it still looked like no expense was spared!
Guests: As Meaghers Pharmacy & Xposé all have connections to key influencers we had to carefully hand pick guests that both parties were happy with. Then we needed to ensure we had enough guests on the night as it was in the run up to Christmas and everyone was busy with engagements. Getting all the Xposé presenters on board on the same night was also a small challenge with everyone’s hectic schedules.
Expectations: Another interesting challenge we faced was managing expectations. As this was the first partnership like this we wanted to manage the client’s expectations of the night, luckily it went above and beyond what was expected. With regards to Xposé we also had to make sure it complied with guardianship of the brand and it was something that didn’t compromise the integrity of the show.


To execute this efficiently and to a very high standard we had to liaise directly with Oonagh and her team in Meaghers Pharmacy for all assets, key messages, logos, prizes etc. Both cross station and Xpose promotions were produced by our in house production team and signed off from the Meaghers team. For the Festive Beauty Banquet communication with the event planner, hotel manager and photographer was all key to make sure all aspects of the night went perfectly. The Xposé team voiced the on air promotion and organized the presenters and crew for the night. Goodie boxes and spot prizes had to be sourced for the night also and other brands were happy to get on board! All guests in attendance were asked to tweet and post as much as they liked that night using the specific hash tag and the best photos were picked as spot prize winners, which ensured we were number 1 trending in Ireland on the night as well as Facebook Live from the venue which had 7K video views in an hour. After the event had taken place we drafted up a press release and sent all the photos around to the various print and online sources to drive maximum coverage. Our online team also created an exclusive Xposé.ie article with a discount code for readers. This was also posted across our social media platforms after the event. The feature was packaged up and aired the following night with fantastic feedback. It was then cut and posted on social media with the discount code to tie up all the activity nicely!


We see this event as part of the next evolution in Influencer Marketing in Ireland. To ensure Meagher’s Pharmacy message was heard through all the social media noise at Christmas we combined the medium of TV and social media influencers to create a unique, impactful and beautiful campaign just in time for Christmas.

This event was the first of its kind on Irish TV and married the authenticity of top Influencers with the mass reach of Ireland’s most watched daily Entertainment News show. Influencer marketing is not new. Celebrity endorsements and social advocacy campaigns have always been part of advertising’s history but social media has changed the Influencer ecosystem and to a wider extent to even television – in particular how fashion and beauty is reported. For example, at this year’s New York Fashion Week only vloggers had access to film at the majority of shows. Traditional television cameras were banned meaning shows like Xposé had to change the style in which they reported the latest trends.

The correct media mix is key for brands, like Meagher’s Pharmacy, who want to localize content with a national audience. By focusing on trustworthy influencers who can share their story, they are getting their messages in front of new audiences in real time. The Xposé & Meagher’s Pharmacy Festive Beauty Banquet was sophisticated. The emphasis was on documenting the event and using this as the content for people to share. The event was able to highlight great projects such as Meagher’s #Wrap4Homeless campaign which raised thousands of much needed euros for the Peter McVerry Trust as well as Oonagh O’Hagan’s’, Owner and MD of Meaghers Pharmacy Group, recent win of Image Magazine Entrepreneur of the year 2016 while discussing upcoming opportunities and foster relationships between the influencers themselves.



Traffic to the MeaghersPharmacy.ie site increased by 52% on the first day of airing Xposé’s in show promotion. They then monitored the website traffic following the airing of the cross station promotion the following week each day thereafter and overall the website traffic increased by 25.6%. It is difficult to define exactly which of their website sales came from a direct result of the collaboration with Xposé but overall our sales increased by 54% on 2015 for the same period, which is no coincidence. Reputation is the area where Meaghers Pharmacy could safely say they experienced the most benefit. Customers, suppliers, competitors and many other business colleagues commented on the launch night in The Dylan Hotel as well as the advert which was running on TV3. Many suppliers requested to get involved with them if we ever worked on something similar again and others rang to congratulate them on the campaign. They were extremely surprised at the very positive impact the campaign had for the Meaghers Brand and how it really boosted their standing in the business and beauty worlds.

They had several customers and suppliers send positive comments to their social media platforms. They gained an additional 1128 followers on Facebook and 657 on Twitter and 843 on Instagram on the week of the launch and the snaps of the event in the Dylan were one of the highest viewed and screen shot since they launched their Snapchat channel. The campaign was a great success for both parties and has opened the door to many future exciting brand partnerships for Meaghers Pharmacy and TV3.