Doctor in the House

About the show

Doctor in the House will return to TV3 in September and run for 6 weeks. Doctor in the House aims to get households across Ireland thinking about their lifestyle.

In this new revealing series, a team of doctors and medical professionals will visit a number of households, to assess their lifestyle and implement new healthy way of life habits that can drastically alter their health for the better. The ‘Doctor in the House’ team includes Dr. Nina Byrnes, Dr. Sinead Beirne and Professor Niall Moyna.

Six households are visited across the series and assessed rigorously before being issued with “doctors’ orders” where they will have just eight weeks to change their ways before undergoing a final assessment.

Audience Figures

The last series of Doctor in the House aired in March 2017 on TV3 and delivered the following reach (Includes TV3+1 airing)
1.1m against Individuals, 838k against Adults 35+, 1m against Adults 15+, 287k against Adults 25-44, 599k against Hskprs and 158k against Hskprs w/k.

Broadcast Sponsorship

Sponsor will receive the following sponsorship stings:

12 x 10” stings
36 x 5” stings

The above is based on main TX airings – does not include +1 and repeats are TBC
Logo presence on all promos between 10” & 30” and a 5” sting attached to all promos over 30”

Digital Sponsorship

Sponsor will take digital ownership of the full series with the following credits:

  • 10” sponsorship sting before all catch-up on 3player.
  • 10” sponsorship sting before all catch-up on the Virgin Media Platform
  • ‘Proudly Sponsored by X’ on all marketing social support copy on TV3 Facebook page.

On Air Activation

Multi-Platform Promotion

  • One week long multi-platform promotion
  • To drive engagement with viewers, the sponsor will run a week long major multi-platform promotion across TV3 and 3e.
  • 30” promos will air 4 times a day per across TV3 Group channels (TV3, TV3+1, 3e & be3) with a total of 112 airings for the week
  • The competition details will also be posted on and promoted on the TV3 Facebook page

1 x Ireland AM In Show content piece to use across the sponsorship period

  • Content pieces can take place live in studio or they can be pre-recorded in a location approved by Virgin Media Solutions

1 x In Show Ireland AM promotion

  • 60’’ VT to air once per day across a week in Ireland AM
  • Sponsor to provide the prizes for each of the promotions. Virgin Media Solutions will create the

Promotional VT using existing assets provided by sponsor.


For further information please contact or 01 419 331

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