Sport Updates across TV3 Group Schedule

Sports Updates air Monday to Sunday across the TV3 Group Schedule during Ireland AM, Saturday and Sunday AM, The 12.30 News, The 5.30 News, The 7 O’ Clock News and The 10 O ’Clock News.

The sponsor will receive 5” stings around the top and bottom of each update, which go to air after every news report throughout the schedule.

Minimum of 88 x 5’’ stings per week during the main TX airings of the news. Does not include TV3+1 or other repeats.


Ireland AM (Mon-Fri)

7.05am, 7.35am, 8.05am, 8.35am, 9.05am, 9.35am

Weekend AM (Sat/Sun)

9.05am, 10.05am, 11.05am

News (TV3)

12.50pm (Mon-Fri) & 5.50pm (Mon-Sun)

News (be3-Mon-Fri)

7.20pm & 10.20pm

In September Ireland’s 3News opened its new Hub, an integrated studio and newsroom space that uses strong, dynamic visuals that highlights the connection between news gathering and sports presentation.
The set was designed to give optimal flexibility in News and sports and will feature the largest monitor wall in the country.

Reach Figures

Sports updates reached the following in 2017

Ireland AM & Weekend AM:

  • Individuals 1.34M
  • Adults 15 + 908.4K
  • Men 15 + 411.2K
  • Men 15 + 411.2K

News on TV3 & be3:


Adults 15 + 1.58M

Men 15 + 738K

Men 25-44 181.2K


For further information please contact or 01 419 3314

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